Help to improve literacy levels in your school while raising funds!!

By choosing our platform you can focus on any aspect of the school curriculum during your fundraiser from improving spelling, maths or science. However, it’s mainly used for running reading fundraisers. Since the Covid19 pandemic school fundraising has been negatively impacted. Schools have had to shift from traditional to online fundraising methods. At Read and Raise we offer a complete online fundraising solution for your school.

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Saint Nessan’s Primary School

“I have to say, this was a wonderful idea for a fundraiser. We are thrilled with what we have raised”

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Burnfort National School

“We set out with a target of €2,500 and ended up with over double that! It has been a huge success!!”

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Caherline National School

This has been a huge success! We are delighted! A complete no brainer for any school…

A reading adventure for all the school!!

Take your children on a magical reading adventure while raising money for your school. Designed for the digital age our fundraisers are more adaptable and customisable than traditional fundraisers.

Start your reading fundraiser

Getting started

Step 1
Choose a cause

The best way to maximise participation is to have a clear goal or reason for running your fundraiser like the schools new astroturf development, new books for the school library or a school tour. You will run a reading fundraiser for a selected number of weeks in your school. Students will receive donations in return for reading as much as they can! We will give you all the help and resources you need in order to make your fundraiser a success.

Step 2 Promote your fundraiser

The key to a successful fundraiser is starting to advertise and promote it as soon as you can. Using the schools donation link start getting it out there as soon as you can, encourage parents to share the link also. On their student profiles parents can use their "share achievements" link to get it out on Facebook. Every time a student completes two or more reading sessions a share achievement link is automatically generated for posting on Facebook with the students donation link. Share the sponsors link also to encourage businesses to get behind your fundraiser.

Step 3 Read as much as you can

Reading literacy levels in many children are far below where they should be. There is no better way to increase participation and get children reading more then to have some incentives and set some reading challenges for the students. Having different bonuses or prizes for achieving different milestones is a great way to get them excited about taking part in the fundraiser. Children can log and track the reading they have completed on their profile and share it on social media.

Step 4Raise loads of money!

Sharing the schools donation links and all the childrens personal donation links regularly is also key to a successful fundraiser. The platform also allows you to run reports on how much money each child, each class and the school overall has raised. You can also log and track reading sessions completed. We are happy to help you reaching out to local businesses for support of your fundraiser.

Some Recent Donations Received

Great reading Cian

Michael Cronin 1 hour ago


Hi Cian, Hope you're doing loads of reading, im donating €20 for your school

Breda Casey 3 hours ago


Theresa Atkinson

Theresa Atkinson 3 hours ago


Good work sean

Margaret Archibold 3 hours ago


Well done lily may

Tom Whelan 3 hours ago


Well done Culann

Davina Crowley 3 hours ago


Well done Laoise

Davina Crowley 4 hours ago


Well done Ailbhe

Davina Crowley 4 hours ago


Well done Noah from Rose and Kenneth

Evan Shorten 4 hours ago


Well done Dean 🙌🏻💖

Miss A Denny 4 hours ago


Why choose Read & Raise?

✔️ Totally risk free with no upfront cost or contracts

✔️ Raise money while improving literacy in your school

✔️ 100% Covid 19 friendly all ran online through our tailor made platform

✔️ Unlike traditional fundraisers there is very little work involved when using our platform it can be run with just one or two organisers

✔️ No collecting or counting cash all donations taken 100% securely via Stripe card payment services

✔️ Many fundraising tools and reports

✔️ Marketing & sponsorship support

Our reading fundraiser can be run anywhere and anytime safely. READY, SET GO!!!