No we do not provide material to read, children can read whatever they want. At the end of the day we just want children to have fun and enjoy reading.

While all donations are hoped to be taken online to reduce the amount of work for schools, the fundraiser admin has the facility to add a cash donation.

There are no upfront or ongoing costs. Schools retains 80% of the donations they receive in Ireland and the UK schools in Australia retain 75% unfortunately it’s just that bit more expensive for us to run fundraisers in Australia. The remainder goes against costs like Stripe card payment services, SMS API integration charges, school starter pack, platform maintenance and development costs, customer service and of course taxes.

It is entirely up to the school, it can be run for any length of time but generally schools tend to opt for a duration of two weeks.

Absolutely not! We take the privacy and security of all our platform users very seriously. Profiles are password protected and cannot be viewed publicly.

On the child’s profile you have a “Log reading session” link here the parent can select the date, the duration read and the material read. The school principal can also log and track reading sessions via the admin control panel. All logged reading sessions can be viewed on the child’s profile.

Yes, if you have a number of children in the school registering them all is no problem. Once you have your own parent profile set up you can then register all your children. Each child will have their own profile within your profile.

Yes absolutely. We use Stripe card payment services which is probably the most secure payment gateway in the world.

Yes the minimum donation is €5, £5 and $10 Australian dollars this is to keep the Stripe card payment services as low as possible to maximise the profit for the school.