Getting started

Step 1
Choose a cause

The best way to maximise participation is to have a clear goal or reason for running your fundraiser like the schools new astroturf development, new books for the school library or a school tour. You will run a reading fundraiser for a selected number of weeks in your school. Students will receive donations in return for reading as much as they can! We will give you all the help and resources you need in order to make your fundraiser a success.

Step 2 Promote your fundraiser

The key to a successful fundraiser is starting to advertise and promote it as soon as you can. Using the schools donation link start getting it out there as soon as you can, encourage parents to share the link also. On their student profiles parents can use their "share achievements" link to get it out on Facebook. Every time a student completes two or more reading sessions a share achievement link is automatically generated for posting on Facebook with the students donation link. Share the sponsors link also to encourage businesses to get behind your fundraiser.

Step 3 Read as much as you can

Reading literacy levels in many children are far below where they should be. There is no better way to increase participation and get children reading more then to have some incentives and set some reading challenges for the students. Having different bonuses or prizes for achieving different milestones is a great way to get them excited about taking part in the fundraiser. Children can log and track the reading they have completed on their profile and share it on social media.

Step 4Raise loads of money!

Sharing the schools donation links and all the childrens personal donation links regularly is also key to a successful fundraiser. The platform also allows you to run reports on how much money each child, each class and the school overall has raised. You can also log and track reading sessions completed. We are happy to help you reaching out to local businesses for support of your fundraiser.

  • Decide what the focus of your fundraiser is going to be, be it reading, writing, science, maths or whatever aspect of the curriculum you wish
  • Set a goal or reason for your fundraiser
  • We register your school and teachers on the platform and issue you with your printed support pack
  • It takes just 2 minutes for parents to register a child on the website
  • A school can choose the length of time they wish to fun their fundraiser for
  • Collect donations on line from parents, grandparents, extended family and friends 
  • Once registered each child will have their own profile page which will be accessed via their parents profile page
  • On their profile they can track donations they have received
  • Using our text message, e-mail and social media tools you can reach out to potential donors to support you during your fundraiser
  • Use the online sponsorship tool to reach out to local business for sponsorship
  • Improving literacy in your school is a great cause and one everyone will be happy to get behind and suppor
  • The schools admin profile gives you full access to all the data and info you need
  • Full access to individuals and class donations and reading data
  • All printed and electronic tools are present on your dashboard
  • Teachers will also have a profile werethey can log and track any reading completed by children

Once you are set up and your fundraiser is live it is important to keep in regular contact with parents to make sure that best efforts are being made to encourage children to not only read in school but also to read at home. Setting different incentivised reading challenges will encourage this. Simple, creative no monitary things are easy to do like issuing homework passes, non uniform day, end of fundraiser party, for achieving different milestones during the fundraiser. 

Using the "share achievements" link in the student profile is a great way to encourage donations for kids who have completed reading sessions. Everytime a child logs two reading sessions it will appear in their "share achievements" a parent then selects it and it will be shared on their facebook page mentioning their child has just completed another two reading sessions and it will included their donation link which friends can click on to make a donation to the child.

There are no start up costs on ongoing costs so it is risk free. Irish and UK school retain 80% of all money received Australian schools retain 75% unfortunately the costs to us to run fundraisers are just that bit higher in Australia the remaining 20% or 25% goes against costs like Stripe credit card charges, site development and maintenance, secure cloud rental, SMS messaging charges and of coursed taxes.