Who We are

We are a small Irish company that was established to make fundraising easier and more accessible for schools. Schools tend to be more reliant on traditional methods of fundraising which can be quite labour intensive and not conducive to the current climate.
Having seen the decline in our schools ability to run fundraisers first hand we decided to develop Read and Raise. Traditional fundraising methods are no longer ideal as a result of Covid. Our platform has been developed to allow schools to fundraise in a easy and safe manor while also helping improve literacy among children. The fundraiser takes place online and all donations are taken safely via the platform. A Read and Raise fundraiser requires less organising and effort than other fundraisers, plus you are not asking people to buy a product or a ticket, you are asking them to support a child to read. As it is all online the reach is far greater than traditional fundraisers we have seen children receive donations from friends and family all around the world.

Get To Know Your Fundraiser

We want to help you run the best reading fundraiser in your community.
Watch our short video to understand more. We are here to help at every step of the way.

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Getting started

Step 1
Choose a cause

The best way to maximise participation is to have a clear goal or reason for running your fundraiser like the schools new astroturf development, new books for the school library or a school tour. You will run a reading fundraiser for a selected number of weeks in your school. Students will receive donations in return for reading as much as they can! We will give you all the help and resources you need in order to make your fundraiser a success.

Step 2 Promote your fundraiser

The key to a successful fundraiser is starting to advertise and promote it as soon as you can. Using the schools donation link start getting it out there as soon as you can, encourage parents to share the link also. On their student profiles parents can use their "share achievements" link to get it out on Facebook. Every time a student completes two or more reading sessions a share achievement link is automatically generated for posting on Facebook with the students donation link. Share the sponsors link also to encourage businesses to get behind your fundraiser.

Step 3 Read as much as you can

Reading literacy levels in many children are far below where they should be. There is no better way to increase participation and get children reading more then to have some incentives and set some reading challenges for the students. Having different bonuses or prizes for achieving different milestones is a great way to get them excited about taking part in the fundraiser. Children can log and track the reading they have completed on their profile and share it on social media.

Step 4Raise loads of money!

Sharing the schools donation links and all the childrens personal donation links regularly is also key to a successful fundraiser. The platform also allows you to run reports on how much money each child, each class and the school overall has raised. You can also log and track reading sessions completed. We are happy to help you reaching out to local businesses for support of your fundraiser.

Some Recent Donations Received

Well done Lawrence. You’ve working really hard at your reading aloud. We’re very proud of you, love mum and dad. Xxx

Emily Stanworth 2 weeks ago


Lawrence McKenzie-Stanworth. From his Grand Parents. Well done Lawrie!

Mrs Evelyn McKenzie 2 weeks ago


Have fun in the new play ground Alfie! I hope they add monkey bars you little monkey 🐒

Stuart Shaw 2 weeks ago


Well done Izzy! What was your favourite book? Love Granny xx

Gillian Townsend 2 weeks ago


Always great to hear you read Joshua and delighted help you raise funds for your school.

Nicholas Townsend 2 weeks ago


Well worthwhile. Do hope that you raise a good amount.

Peter Stanworth 2 weeks ago


Good luck Barnaby. Love Zöe and Lee xx

Zoe Bright 2 weeks ago


Good luck Iris. Love Zöe and Lee xx

Zoe Bright 2 weeks ago


Good luck Wilfred. Love Zöe and Lee xx

Zoe Bright 2 weeks ago


Good job Izzy

Mr Philip Upshall 2 weeks ago